Tansila is heading to nursing school!

I received the nursing school admission documents for Tansila today.

And I am in awe. I am filled with feelings that are hard to describe. If my heart can hold so much all at once, I am so proud, excited, nervous, enthralled, overjoyed, astonished, moved to tears…the list goes on and on. This young lady that I have had the privilege of knowing for several years, who is from a poor, poor village in rural northwestern Uganda where girls are often given as child-brides, is now going to NURSING SCHOOL! Instead of a marriage license and a farming hoe, she needs a stethoscope! I can hardly believe this is happening.

Even with as much excitement as my heart is bubbling over with, I sit here and wonder how Tansila must have felt when she received the news that she had been accepted to the Kiwoko School of Nursing and Midwifery. The depth of my emotion surely must pale in comparison to hers. Did she jump for joy? Did she let out a deep, hopeful sigh of relief? Did she giggle with nervousness and enthusiasm at a new life laid out before her?

I am so inspired by this young lady who has gone entirely against her cultural grain. She has believed in herself enough to find a way to see that her dreams do not get buried. Because of supportive, loving parents and a sponsor who has decided to invest in Tansila’s life, her life trajectory has been entirely changed. I am humbled at being given a front row ticket to witness this amazing experience unfold. I know that this is just the beginning!

With Anticipation,

Sara Messer, Founder