Grace meets Milka!

Hello! My name is Grace, and I had the incredible opportunity to go to Arua, Uganda this summer. I had such an amazing time!! There were so many experiences that I loved, but right now I am going to tell you about one experience that was truly fantastic! It was meeting the girl that we sponsor through Taproot Charities, Milka Abiria. Milka is 17 and is finishing up her last year at high school. She is such an outstanding person, inside and out! I remember writing to her in my house at home, and how it was a completely different experience when I actually got to meet her. I remember first seeing her and instantly recognizing her because of the picture of her that is in our house. I ran over to where she was and gave her a giant hug! She is now one of my best friends and is like a part of our family. She has this spirit about her that I just love. She is so extremely joyful, it was contagious to everybody! And she has such a joyful heart for Jesus, too!

We went to church on Sunday at Arua Community Church, and she was a part of a group of kids that went up on the stage and sand and danced for Jesus. It was so life changing to see. And on that day, I really got to see Milka expressing her love for Jesus in an abundant way. She inspires me to walk with Jesus everyday in a more expressive and abundant way, too! I have learned so much from her. Like how even in the rough times, God is always there and always will be there to help you and guide you through life. And he will also give you joy, amazing, unending joy, like the joy that I see in Milka. I was reminded that He will also love you no matter who you are. Milka really has a beautiful heart for Jesus. I love her so much!


Grace Alsup