College Dreams!

A few weekends ago I went hiking in Boulder, CO on my way to a women’s retreat. I have never been to Colorado, but I am a passionate hiker and backpacker, so on my free day I decided to hit the trail. A friend suggested the Flatirons. As I huffed and puffed my way up the trail (elevation, you guys, elevation), I was struck by the sheer number of college students who decided to forgo the football game (which I could hear in the distance) to go hiking. Boulder is a college town, and college kids tend to be devoted and enthusiastic fans of their football team. But this day, the trail was crowded…and buzzing with youthfulness, energy, freedom. “Kids” in a manner of speaking, but quite alive young adults who are free to make decisions, explore, and thoroughly enjoy dreaming about their futures. This is definitely my favorite age of young people to spend time with.

As I hiked, I began thinking about our college girls in Uganda. For all the hardships and material poverty that exist, I just kept smiling to myself as I pictured best friends Molly, Milka and Josephine in college together away from the pressures of family and cultural expectations. Free to choose, free to laugh and giggle as girls will, and free to learn on their own without being encumbered with endless strenuous chores, caring for siblings and other distractions that make success in school more challenging. These girls are experiencing some of the best times in their lives and are absolutely blossoming.

What a glorious time college was. Hopes and dreams bursting to life. Being filled with confidence and courage that one can do hard things which provide dignity and a sense of accomplishment. And college in America or college in Uganda…it is just plain fun watching young adults tackle these years.

With Love and Anticipation,
Sara Messer, Founder